About Ellen

Ellen Roberts

Ellen Roberts is a lawyer in Durango, focusing in the area of water law and natural resources consulting.  Since leaving the Colorado General Assembly at the end of 2016, Ellen’s re-established her law practice, by affiliating as special counsel with the Denver natural resources firm, Trout Raley, and also works independently as a consultant with governmental agencies, NGO's and private foundations on forest health and watershed protection issues.

Ellen served in the Colorado legislature for 10 years, representing many counties in the southwestern corner of the state.  She served in both the House and the Senate, finishing her last two years as Senate President pro tempore.  In the legislature, Ellen focused much of her attention on natural resources policy issues, including water and forest health, and sponsored many pieces of legislation in these areas.  She served as chairwoman of the 2015 Water Resources Review committee and of the 2016 wildfire matters interim committee.

A graduate of the University of Colorado’s School of Law, Ellen received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Early on, Ellen worked in several Western national parks, including Rocky Mountain National Park, and as a ski lift operator in Winter Park in 1981.